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Evidence-based Beauty Solutions,  
Tailor-Made for You

The Klinic by KSW Medical Aesthetics offers top aesthetic treatments in Medford, Massachusetts, such as Botox, Juvederm, Migraines/Trapezius Slimming/Facial Slimming/TMJ  (Neuromodulators), Excessive Sweating/Hyperhidrosis (Neuromodulators), Trigger Point Injections, Hair Restoration (PRP), Under-Eye, Tear Trough (PRP), Laser Hair Removal, Body Contouring/Coolsculpt, Weight Loss (Vitamin Injections – B12, Lipo), and more. Our goal is to help you get the look you’ve always wanted: glowing, firm, and youthful. Explore the services we offer and take time to pamper yourself by booking an appointment today.

Explore Our Services

  • Fine Line & Wrinkle Treatment

  • Add Lift & Volume

  • Anti-aging Filler

  • Non-invasive Fat Dissolving Injections

  • Innovative Facial Rejuvenation

  • Stimulate Hair Regrowth

  • Restore Your Skin's Natural Beauty

  • The Ultimate Skin Solution

  • Medical Weight Loss Injection Program

  • Injectable Vitamin Supplements

  • Lipotropic "Skinny" B12 Injections

  • Skin Rejuvenation Therapies

  • Eliminate Stubborn Fat

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The Klinic by KSW Medical Aesthetics is a premier med spa in the Greater Boston Area for aesthetic and beauty treatments. Refine your look and find your best you with a consultation with our highly-trained aesthetic experts today.



Your Health 
Comes First

We help you be the best version of yourself by delivering bespoke treatment plans featuring the world’s best beauty products backed by scientific data to ensure natural-looking, gorgeous results.

This patient-centered philosophy is the foundation of everything we do. In our experience, it results in happier patients who trust us with their faces and bodies. Our goal is to take care of you, and help you find the best version of you along the way.

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Looking for a specific treatment or curious to learn more about what our medical spa has to offer? Reach out today and find out more about our services and special offers.


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